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Natural Fitness Boot Camp

Natural Fitness Boot Camp is a progressive 4 week long outdoor program of fitness instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training provided by Body System's top local fitness and nutritional experts.

Body Systems Natural Fitness Boot Camp is targeted for people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels that are aiming to lose weight and and or improve their fitness level and function. No one will be left behind or asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely. Nor will anybody go home unchallenged! Each day will slightly increase in intensity. You will inspire and be inspired by others.

Exercises include: core conditioning, functional training, interval training, old school strength training, circuit training, obstacle courses, surprises and more!

For more info go to: Natural Fitness Boot Camp

Personal Training

An exercise session with your very own trainer, taking you step by step through your own personalized workout. We offer this service in 1 hour or ˝ hour sessions.

(Note: ˝ hour sessions are subject to mileage or travel distance restrictions)

Partner Training

A more cost effective way to get the benefits of personal training on a semi-private basis. This session is done with two people with similar goals and fitness levels.

Small Group Training

A specialized exercise session with 3 to 6 occupants of similar goals and fitness levels.

Create your own class:

Can't find a time or location that suits you? Have a group that you want to share a private, custom tailored class with... No problem, we will bring the class to you! You get the group together (3-6 people) and let us know what days, times and location you would like your class to take place and leave the rest to us. We will work with your group to design a plan that works for you!

Sports Specific Training

Body Systems sports specific training program aims to help you take your game to the next level. No matter what level of athleticism you have, Body Systems' programs will make you run faster, jump higher, react quicker and strengthen and balance your body to help avoid injury. With Body Systems' unique "Natural Fitness Training" you can now reap the amazing results others have experienced. When you, your group or your team train with Body Systems, you are committing to become an athlete that strives for the best.

Our Sports Specific Training Plan may include all or some of the following:
  • Physical tests:
  • Strength, stability, power, endurance, and body fat.

  • Sports specific goal setting:
  • Short & long term goals.

  • Plan of attack:
  • Based on your testing we specifically chart a path from where you are to where you want to be with all of your goals.

  • Nutritional information:
  • We provide nutritional information and handouts to enhance energy and build lean body mass keeping you at optimal health and performance.

  • Training plan:
  • Based on your tests and your specific goals we lay out training plans to achieve all your goals.

  • Pain free training:
  • Based off your testing & evaluation our Personal Trainers will re-balance your body with active alignment techniques that reduce or completely eliminate pains from your body so that you feel and perform your best.

  • Updates:
  • Based off of your daily training results to ensure you stay on point and achieve your goals.

  • Monthly re-testing (when applicable):
  • To continually ensure you stay on course to achieve your goals.

Team Sports

  • Round One

  • Boxing for Fitness: This program is a knockout! A great way to get in top physical condition using jump ropes, medicine balls, calisthenics and actual boxing instruction to make you feel like a champion. This is one of our most rewarding and popular workouts.

  • Fitness Fore Golf

  • A workout that will fit you to a tee. This sport specific program is designed to give you more power for your drives, flexibility and balance to hit the ball more consistently, and overall conditioning to improve stamina and reduce the risk of injury. Private, semi-private and group classes available.

  • Net Gains for Tennis

  • This comprehensive workout regime will improve your overall conditioning, foot work, speed and power using the latest conditioning guidelines from the USTA. This fun and challenging workout routine will include a combination of challenging drills using medicine balls, slides, and plyometrics in addition to strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. Learn different routines for pre, post and in- season to get and keep you in peak form. Private, semi-private and group classes available.

Comprehensive Fitness Evaluation

The evaluation consists of a resting heart rate, blood pressure screening, strength tests, % body fat, cardiovascular tests, flexibility screening, balance and postural analysis.

(A required evaluation for all new personal training clients)

Online Personal Training

Body Systems offers online personal training where you work with our trainers to create a personalized fitness program for a fraction of the cost of working one-on-one. Your fitness program will be based on your current fitness level, desired fitness goals, and schedule. Nutrition is the final piece to the puzzle for many people and our online nutrition plan makes it simple, as we create a custom nutrition plan…not a diet. Both our online training and nutrition programs keep you accountable, as we check your logs weekly and e-mail you if you are not following your program. This hands on approach and support is a big reason for the success of this program, as it helps you to adhere to your customized plan.