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Dear Fitness Enthusiast,

Welcome to Body Systems Fitness Consultants. My name is John Baldino and I have been providing my clients with the highest level of fitness advice and service since 1987. At Body Systems we are excited about some new changes that we have made to serve the fitness community, from on-line training and nutrition, to improved personal training and boot camp programming. We strive to improve the lives of individuals through our unique style of "Natural Fitness Training". We believe that once you learn the techniques we teach you that you will not only be in the best shape of your life, but also feel vital and energetic again. I along with everyone on our staff truly care about the people we work with and want to help make a difference in your life.

My inspiration for taking a different route in my own and ultimately our clients training regime, started at my children's schoolyard. While I was in good shape from being involved in the fitness world for a living I always trained the way most gyms or programs lead us to. Many sets for one body part, rest and move to the next group, then finish with leaning on a piece of cardio equipment that moves me and I'm done.

While I felt strong, I wasn't fit. The playground equipment at the school humbled me. While hanging on the bars and pulling and swinging around, I noticed that I had imbalances in my back, my abs were working more than if I had done one hundred crunches, the lack of grip strength was very evident and I was breathing heavier than in my usual workouts.

Well remember those exercises we used to do in gym class? They're baaack. Body Systems "Natural Fitness Training" program is designed to help your body re-learn to move again, like when we were younger, when we just did a movement without thinking about it, be it running, jumping rope or just playing sports for fun.

The ways we live as adults sitting at computer desks, commuting in cars and becoming less active, have taken a toll on us. Then when we try to get back in shape we rely on a machine to move us. We believe in making your body your machine. The results speak for themselves.

Our Programs include:

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12 boot camp sessions $144
A savings from our usual 12 sessions package for $198
You get 12 sessions, access to a registered dietician and free fitness gift! (No Expiration)
"Definitely, not like any other boot camp class I have taken at gyms. This is much better!"
- Alison
"I lost 4% bodyfat in just a few short months. My chiropractor even asked what I was doing, my neck was in better alignment than ever before."
- Carolyn P.
"Ive lost 18-20 lbs and have gone from a 9/10 to a 5/6 in jean size."
- Lori P.

Make Exercise Fun!

Small Group Training Sessions

3-6 people per group at your place on your schedule.

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